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1. Payment: Payment should be made in cash to the driver. Full payment is required at the beginning of the ride if booked as such. Upon request, a payment receipt can be provided by the driver. Invoices will be sent after your return. Failure to pay the invoice within 14 days will result in a surcharge of 15% (minimum of 25 euros).

2. Complaints: Any complaints regarding invoices must be submitted in writing by registered letter within 7 days of the invoice date.

3. Non-Payment: In the event of non-payment on the due date, an interest of 1% per month will be charged automatically without prior notice.

4. Transportation: While transportation is the responsibility of the customer, TIENSE TAXI will make every effort to ensure timely arrival at the destination. However, we cannot be held responsible for any delays, disruptions, or incidents that may occur during the journey.

5. Booking: By booking a service through our website, email, or telephone, you enter into a contract with TIENSE TAXI.

6. Rates: Our standard rates are based on private transportation. Passengers travel alone, directly to their destination without any stops or detours.

7. Cancellations: Cancellations made within 48 hours will incur a charge of half the total amount. Cancellations made within 24 hours will incur the full amount. For other cancellations, a fixed administrative fee of 25 euros will be charged.

8. Delays, Changes, and Cancellations: TIENSE TAXI cannot be held responsible for delays, changes, or cancellations due to force majeure or unforeseen circumstances. However, we will make every effort to prevent such situations and provide suitable alternatives whenever possible.

9. Waiting Times: Waiting times caused by customers may be subject to charges. If your flight is delayed by more than 30 minutes, you must immediately inform TIENSE TAXI to make necessary arrangements.

10. Waiting Time Fee: Our standard price includes 1 hour of waiting time. If the driver has to wait for more than 1 hour after your landing, an additional waiting time fee of 30 euros per hour (7.5 euros per started quarter-hour) may apply.

11. Contact Information: We require a mobile phone number where customers can be reached at all times for practical purposes. If unreachable by phone after landing, the driver will wait for a maximum of 1 hour. If you inform us of any deviations from the travel schedule, the driver will be present, subject to availability.

12. Flight Priority: Priority will be given to customers departing on a trip if their flight is delayed.

13. Early Landings: If your flight lands early, there may be a waiting period for the driver, but we will make efforts to minimize the wait time.

14. Incorrect Information: Providing incorrect information (e.g., departure time instead of arrival time) may impact driver availability. Please ensure the accuracy of the details provided.

15. Minimum Service Duration: For any contract entered into with the driver, the renter acknowledges a minimum service duration of 3 hours.

16. Seatbelt Policy: Wearing a seatbelt is legally required. Passengers are responsible for complying with this policy.

17. Child Seats: Child seats, booster seats, and maxi-cosi are available free of charge upon request and subject to availability. Please inform us in advance if you require any of these accommodations.

18. Vehicle Damage: Costs incurred for damage or soiling caused by the customer will be charged. Immediate payment of €50 must be made to the driver.

19. Deviations from Standard Service: Deviations from our standard service can be arranged by mutual agreement, and additional charges may apply. The customer will receive a clear overview of these additional costs in advance.

20. Holiday Rates: Our regular rates do not apply during the Christmas and New Year holidays. Please inquire about specific rates during these periods.

21. Last-Minute Bookings: Last-minute bookings (made the day before or on the same day) will incur an additional surcharge automatically included in our online price calculation.

22. Applicable Law: These terms and conditions are governed by Belgian law. Any disputes arising from these terms and conditions will be subject to the jurisdiction of the competent courts in Belgium.

Please consult a legal professional to ensure that your terms and conditions comply with all applicable laws and regulations specific to your jurisdiction and business.